Functional and Sculptural Pottery for Your Home  



Photo of Maria and Jim in their workshop

About Us

Clay brought us together in 1982. A mutual friend left a note on Jim’s potter’s wheel that said in essence, “for a good time, call Maria,” and we’ve been having a good time ever since. We are mainly self-taught. Pottery was our hobby for many years while we worked in Denver, Jim for the oil and gas industry and Maria as a technical writer.

We started married life by building a studio addition to our house in Denver. The house was both our home and pottery studio for fifteen years. Making pottery didn’t become our full-time occupation until 1997, when we freed ourselves from the corporate world and relocated to Buena Vista on the Upper Arkansas River.

Today we work out of a studio attached to our log home. We fire our stoneware pottery in a propane-fired, updraft fiber kiln to 2300 degrees. Our pottery is lead-free and dishwasher safe.



Front yard of Maria and Jim's log home in summer


In addition to functional ware, we make sculptural pieces with nature motifs. Both of us like sun and moon faces and animal designs. These often show up on our functional pieces and also in our garden masks and wall hangings.

When we lived in Denver, we spent many summers trundling around to craft fairs. Later, we decided to stop the fairs and focus on selling through galleries and shops located in central Colorado. We do business only through these galleries, not from our studio. We hope that you will contact our galleries and visit them in their unique settings.